Rooted in the Land – A flaming sky

One of my favourite places in the west riding of Yorkshire. As a brownie I spent a pack holiday in the youth hostel ( sadly no longer there) . We wandered the moors and spent our pocket money in the town, below the moor.
Then, I returned with my own daughter and introduced her to its magic.
Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories with this post. Sue.
Your pictures are magical…just like the place. x

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

SE Ilkley 2015 saturday (200)You are already ‘on’ the moor once you reach the hotel… that is the beauty of the place for a weekend such as this. Good food, ale and wine, comfortable rooms and you have only to cross Hangingstone Lane to be on Rombald’s Moor. When the heather is still in flower on your doorstep and the sharp scent of bracken hangs in the air, there is nowhere like it.

SE Ilkley 2015 saturday (57)By the time we finally arrived, our companions for the weekend had begun to gather. We found them at ‘our’ table in the gardens of the hotel from where we could sit and look at the Cow and Calf. As others would soon be joining us, I didn’t set foot on the moor itself that day. Perhaps that was the problem; I usually manage enough time to greet the stones and feel that unique spring in the earth beneath my feet…

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7 thoughts

  1. Thanks for reblogging this as I would have hated to miss the stunning photos of the Cow and Calf. I went to school in Ilkley and spent many many happy days on the moors – this has me all nostalgic now.


    • I was pleased to discover Sue’s post. It’s lovely, isn’t it.
      I went to a party at a house on the edge of the moor when I was a wild twenty something. It was fancy dress and my then boyfriend and I went as a couple of school girls.
      It caused quite a stir as we walked up the road, from the station, where our lift had dropped us.
      Most of the wolf whistles were for my chap and his rather shapely legs. Grrrr! LOL!
      I’m afraid to say I got rather drunk and my boyfriend just intervened in time,as I was about to jump into a bath full of baked beans, with everyone else.
      His poor dad was giving us a lift home. How close he came to transporting me home,covered in beans!
      Oh happy memories. x

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