My corner of the blogosphere: life in the fast lane.

Beech tree with c

For me, part of the fun of blogging is seeing where other bloggers live. Show me pictures of your town, village, state, or country and I’m there. Even better if you take us inside of your house or apartment.

In short, I love to have a nosy around and see how other people live. It’s part of human nature.

Field with c

We downsized to our small cottage, some nine years ago. Our collective family was grown and we figured a smaller house made sense. So we sold the family home, moved in… and the youngest daughter had a crisis and ended up living in our spare bedroom/office for six months. Isn’t that always the case?

Our home is in a small row of cottages, which were newly built in 2006. It is on the main road which runs through the village. I was concerned about the traffic, when we first moved here. I wasn’t sure whether I’d ever get on with the noise. At the back of my mind I was thinking that we may be on the move again, if it didn’t work out .

Field 2 with c

I can honestly say that the road  does not bother me. I think it becomes background noise. Also, it is not always the same: it ebbs and flows.

When I lie in bed at night I like to listen to the odd vehicle that goes past. And then it is so quiet…almost too quiet.

Hubby also likes to watch the passing traffic and when our grandson visits, he will watch for tractors; of which there are plenty.

The above images show the fields that are opposite our house and there is a partly tree-lined lane that climbs the bank. At the top is a fabulous view and one of my favourites.

Favourite view

This a view across the Vale of York and over to the Wolds.

Favourite lane

There are so many valleys and walks, and together with Misty ( the late blogging greyhound) I explored most of them.

What has amazed me most about living here, on this busy corridor  through our village, is the amount of wildlife I have been privileged to see. Far more than I ever saw in our previous, rather more quieter home.

Duck 1

Within yards of our home, amongst other wildlife,  I have seen deer, badgers, weasels, stoats, bank voles, red kites, peregrine, barn owls, tawny owls, hares, rabbits, pheasants and I was reliably informed that an otter was spotted plodding past our cottage, early one morning. ( The river Derwent is just across the road from us.)

So, life in the fast lane is not all bad. Do I mind living on a main road? Not a bit. In fact I can guarantee that whenever I look out of our windows, there will be something to catch my eye and photograph.

Field of corn

And later on tonight, when it’s quieter, the owls will be out the front, serenading each other and us. I may even spot a barn owl swooping over the paddock, opposite us. The horse that is presently in there, may casually glance up at it as it swoops down. The bats will circle above me, if I decide to sit out in our courtyard garden, with a cuppa. I like to take in the night air and soak up the atmosphere of life…all life.

How about you? Where do you live? Care to share some pics?

Thanks for dropping by here and have a great Saturday, in your part of the blogosphere.

Until the next time.

Dorne x

6 Thoughts

  1. What a beautiful area you live in, I love the beautiful nature so close by and like the idea of listening out for the odd tractor. We moved to this village fourteen years ago just after my son was born when I realised the old house wasn’t big enough! I did a post about the usual walk I I enjoy around the village and you can see it here.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a lovely post Annika. So much information and lovely photos. You also live in a beautiful area.
    Thanks for taking the time to read about my corner of the blogosphere and give us an insight into yours.
    Have a great Saturday. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well hello you . It’s great to see you on here. Are you tempted to blog yet? How’s that brilliant novel coming on?
      Thanks for visiting and giving me a great surprise. Speak again soon. xx


      1. Yes and I think you should start up a blog and post your stories on it. I would certainly read them. What are you waiting for? LOL! x


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