Back to the future: we could all use a time machine.

Seeing as today is the day that Marty, Doc and co all arrive for a second outing in Back To The Future 2, I thought I’d get in on the act.

As yet, there’s no floating cars, but we can have electric and driverless ones. No hover boards…well at least not in that shape and form.

The Back To The Future  films were brilliant, weren’t they and as one film critic rightly pointed out, so positive.

“The future was bright.

Found on

Found on

Nowadays, our films depicting the future are way more bleak and our future is looking pretty damn grim. We expect the world to end soon. Some weeks we have at least three possible dates that it may end on. There’s a full moon and we anticipate floods, meteorites, aliens and massive volcano eruptions.

Back in the days of going back to the future, these things were still a possibility of course. but we seemed to have our happy heads on in those days. So what… we’ll enjoy it anyway…was the mantra. There could a nuclear war? Well let’s have a dance and a laugh. It’s not all bad.

In many ways we have so much more these days. Each generation has its problems to contend with. I think we could all use a kick up the bottom or…

Perhaps, we could all use a time machine.  If you had one where would you go? What would you use it for?

Let’s borrow Jean Michel Jarre’s Time Machine. It’s just music on this video , but I would suggest that you put your head phones on, dim the lights and transport yourself to somewhere else. Somewhere as amazing as this track.

There that’s better.

By the way, does anyone know the next date when the world is due to end? I’ve kind of lost track.

Thanks for dropping by here and have a great night.

Until the next time.

Dorne x



2 thoughts

  1. I believe it’s January 5th 2033. However, it won’t end completely but the population of the planet will be 99.9% wiped out.

    I’ve never seen the ‘Back to the Future’ films. However, I love the subject of Time Travel and my favourite Time Travel film is the original version of …The Time Machine. H.G Wells is the master of Time Travel, along with Dr. Who.

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    • What? That’s way to long to wait for the end of the world! We might have all died by then and then we’ll miss it.
      I think we should try for an earlier date.
      I love Doctor Who as well and Mr Capaldi is just brilliant. I love his tartan troosers! xx

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