Halloween:a night of ghosts and the dead, or a new beginning?

Found on justineshalloween.tumblr.com

Found on justineshalloween.tumblr.com

As the sun sinks behind the horizon tonight groups of rather excitable witches, wizards, ghosts and zombies will roam our streets. They will go from house to house (hopefully not disturbing and distressing elderly residents) and play trick or treat.

At our house candles and a lantern will light the front window and when they knock they will be treated with  individual, small bags of loose change. We’re not talking mega bucks, just a few pence…to add to their pocket-money.

For our tea we will likely have a jacket potato and baked beans, or hob goblin grub, as it was known during my childhood and subsequently that of my daughters.

When my daughter was younger, we would play hide and seek in the dark.  Try it and see…just make sure that all danger areas are our of bounds. It’s amazing how a familiar room becomes that bit more exciting and spooky in the dark. Hands grab at you from nowhere and imagined noises turn out to be nothing…or are they?

Halloween, or Samhain ( pronounced sowen) is, after all supposed to be the night 0f the dead. The veil between our world and the underworld is at its thinnest. Our dead ones can pass through it and be amongst us. That’s if you want them to. I can think of a few people  I’d rather not meet up with thank you very much. They will not be welcome at my house tonight.

Photo credit: 3347654.tumblr.com

Photo credit: 3347654.tumblr.com

But, Samhain is also the Celtic and Wiccan New Year. The cycle is complete, we can give thanks, focus on our dreams and start again.

Found on Etsy.com

Found on Etsy.com

It’s not about the dead and ghosts. It’s very much about the living and celebrating life. We get the chance to revert back to our more pagan cores. Some basic instinct that still exists within us. We feel the cycles of life , our modern society dresses it up and commercializes it as Halloween: and some of our modern religions do their level best to demonize it.

So, what is your take on Halloween?

Will you celebrate and how?

However, you spend today, tonight and tomorrow, have a happy and safe time.

Thanks for dropping by here.

Until the next time.



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