Fog: do you love it, or hate it?

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My day at an end, I like to  lie in our bed and look up to the cosmos. Sometimes it’s navy blue, with white and yellow diamonds that glisten and catch my attention. Occasionally,pale blue-tinted clouds race each other across the endless firmament.

At other times, it’s a wall of graphite grey, with billowing taupe cauliflower florets, moving slowly across it.

My favourite sky, is when fog takes the sodium from the yellow street lights and makes it a prisoner, locking it into the village lanes, fields and surrounding landscape.

If I was to walk the quiet lanes of our village, I would feel the cold, trapped water droplets on my face and hair. The familiar streets and houses would take on an alien appearance. My footsteps would be deadened as I walked my home ground. The fog would wrap me in its wispy cloak and make me invisible to others.


I confess I like fog, and yes I have read James Herbert and his take on the different fogs and mists that we, in the UK, get at this time of year and throughout the winter months. But, I still love it and I dare myself to walk the streets in its eerie light. It practically draws me out of my warm and cosy home and wraps me up in its bewildering spell.

Here’s some more pictures and if you want to know more about fog click on here.

PICT1726_editedPICT1761_editedPICT1748_editedPICT1735_editedPICT1754_edited new033_edited mist

So, do you love fog and mist ?

Do you walk the streets at night, in the golden syrup glow?

Have you read James Herbert The Fog?

Thanks for stopping by here and reading.

If I ever go missing…it’ll probably be the fog that has me!

Until the next time.

Dorne x

6 Thoughts

  1. Drone, a lovely atmospheric post – very apt for today! In answer to your questions: no, no and no. Never a fan of fog although I appreciated the eerie quiet solitude it provided when as a student in Scotland I had to walk for miles through the cold coastal fog in winter. Brr…give me a car any day. Love the photos…autumn is really here isn’t it?!

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