Storm Abigail: I could think of a more descriptive name.

Storm pig face We British are somewhat obsessed by our weather systems, aren’t we? Let’s face it we get everything thrown at us and in these days of climate warming, we can have just about have all the seasons in one go. Gone are the days of changing your wardrobe for the change of season. What’s a change of season?

But, it’s of no consequence moaning about it and we have, in part caused the situation. I say in part, because I firmly belief that the Earth goes in cycles and we just happen to be here as she goes through this particular cycle.

Were we  to step back in time and hang out with our cave dwelling ancestors they might have indicated that they too had noticed a change in their weather system. Perhaps they would have drawn pictures on the walls, to show us the storms that battered the landscapes they called home.

But, did they name them?

Here in the UK the Met Office and Met Eireann have decided that in order to make us more aware of weather systems that threaten to do slightly more than upturn a chair in our back yard, the storms will now have human names. This is much the same for Hurricanes, I guess.

The meteorological folk are so concerned about us British numpties not taking the weather seriously ,that they believe a human name will give us something to relate to.

We’ve been warned about the first storm, Abigail for a while now. Some forecasters have even been successful in making this storm system into nothing short of a zombie apocalypse. I expect the Walking Dead to arrive imminently.

The western areas of the UK will feel the wrath of Abigail more strongly and Scotland, in particular the western and nothern isles will be battered… as usual. This from The Telegraph shows the damage already suffered by two cars in Cupar, Fife, Scotland. (Not in the north or west, as I understand it.)  Both drivers were shocked, but  thankfully walked away uninjured.

Photo credit: Stuart Nicol. The Telegraph

Photo credit: Stuart Nicol. The Telegraph

I can’t help but wonder if this is a cop-out, by the powers that be? Wouldn’t the money spent on researching names, compiling lists and generally prating about have been better invested in actually providing the measures required to deal with these super storms?

When people are flooded out of their homes that have been knowingly built on flood plains, have their commute to work turned into a nightmare, lose their power and heating and have to be bussed to the city, because the railway line is under six feet of water again ; will they really give a damn what the blasted storm that inflicted their woe is called?  Possibly not. Would they like something to be actually done about these scary storms that are racing our way? Barney, Frank, Nigel, Steve and Wendy are other potential names lined up for the monsters that lie in waiting!

Storm pig face throught the window 1

Also, why such nicey, nicey names that don’t give a hint of the trouble to come? I could think of some more suitable names.

How about storm Pig Face, Heart Breaker, Arse Face, Soul Destroyer, Home Wrecker and Son of a Bitch? I doubt any TV/radio presenter could broadcast these names live on air, but they would stop people in their tracks ( just like you then – when you read them!) More so than sweet little Abigail, whose hail, rain and wind nearly blew me over, as I struggled with several refuse bins this lunchtime, before they were blown on to a busy road.

People are talking about Abigail as if is she is a dainty, little thing swinging by for a visit. She is a nasty, big devil and needs to be treated as such. Serious injuries to proper humans and damage to properties could and likely will result.

So, to all of those folk that will be inconvenienced by this significant storm, just remember, as you pack up your things and relocate to a B&B for several months, and your home fills with angelic Abigail’s water; at least you knew her by name.

We also live quite close to a river. Piles of sandbags appear on the local pub car park when it rises dangerously high. We’ve never needed them as yet, but we do have a small river that appears on the road outside of our house in a heavy downpour. I do hope that storm Cock Up does not show up here anytime soon.

So, what do you think?

Do you agree with the idea of naming storms? Have I missed the point?( That has happened before.) Have I offended you with my alternative storm names? Do you have any to offer up? Please feel free.

Thanks for dropping by here.

Until the next time.

Dorne x

3 thoughts on “Storm Abigail: I could think of a more descriptive name.

  1. Here in the U.S. tropical storms have been named for many years. Names are in alphabetical order and alternate between male and female names. We do remember specific storms past by their names, such as Hurricane Katrina that destroyed much of the city of New Orleans. Now they’re beginning to name winter storms as well. We think naming the winter storms is ridiculous! 🙂


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