Autumn: a time to play.

I’m making some changes to my blogs and I’m possibly going to bring the two together under Write Dorne. I would like to create one better blog, rather than two mediocre attempts. I’m sure you all get my meaning.

I will give some of the more recent posts another airing: before they get lost in the archives! And in the meantime… please watch this space!

This is a post borrowed from my sister blog My Inner Child.

Sometimes I like to just play around… it’s good for the soul: and this blog is all about the inner child.

I love autumn… in all of its glory.

2014-30-10--12-49-53 leaves c

The mist, sunrises, sunsets, early frosts, the coming and going of birds, the dramatic animal shows and of course nature’s spectacular splash of colour.

I may be called Dorne and yes, it is pronounced dawn, but, I am not a true morning person. So, some of these shots are absolute miracles, as they were taken at dawn.

Here’s a short video, with an original track I’ve put together. I don’t think Mr Speilberg has anything to worry about!

Hope you enjoy and thanks for taking the time to drop by here.

Until the next time.

Dorne x

8 Thoughts

    1. I think it’s a very safe bet that you will be up before this Dorne! When I see the dawn I love it and vow to see it again soon. But, my bed is way too comfortable and I sleep in fits and starts, so I make the most of the sleepy periods! That’s my excuse anyhow! x

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    1. Thanks Hugh. It’s only a matter of time before I change it again…there are too many themes to experiment with.
      I use the Movie Maker that came with my Windows 8. I enhance/manipulate the images with various photo apps and then get cracking with all of the features on the Movie Maker.
      If I can figure out how to do an instructive post on this I will try. But, don’t hold you’re breath….me and computers don’t always see eye to eye. I spook them and I don’t always get them!
      Thanks for reading/watching and commenting. xxx

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