No sense of direction and in a muddle. What’s new?

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I’m not supposed to even be on here. Not that it’s illegal or anything. No, I had made a deal with myself to be other places doing other things today.

I can see now that is clearly not going to happen. Things will get done, but not in any particular order. But, that is how I operate sometimes. Err…actually it’s how I pretty much operate all of the time.

Sometimes, these mixed up days of nothing of any importance can actually be far more productive than taking a more regimented approach.( I could never be in the forces…I’m a messy trollop!) Creativity takes over and off I go.

The ironing still eyeballs me from the basket. It will get done. I can report we do have ironed clothes to wear and we are perfectly presentable. It’s just today I need to go with the flow.

Social media is fascinating, I’ve bought a potty for my grandson, some joss sticks…not for the grandson and some more pads for my TENS machine. ( I’m addicted to electricity!)

Ideas for my novel are coming thick and fast and I keep stopping off to jot them down. So, all is not lost. Although, I haven’t a clue what it is all about just yet. Do any of us? (Sitting down and planning that might also be a plan of action.)

However, my plans to knock this blog into shape are taking a back seat. Instead of planning future posts for here I’m on here, telling you about my plans for on here! There is no hope.

There’s way too many plans on here!

But hey, I’m writing…at the moment. It feels good to break away from being a domestic goddess ( I can hear you sniggering) and do something that I want to do. It may not last long. I feel sure that Mary Berry( hubby ) will cover the kitchen in flour before long. I’m sure he does it to get my attention and it certainly does. He even manages to get flour in the tumble drier. How? It’s magic. But, then he will be happy in his mess and he’s a good baker. My cake belly is proof of that.

Now…to see if I can actually organize some of the posts I have lined up for the coming weeks.  Here’s to muddling your way through the day!

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So, how about you?  What kind of a day are you having? Are you more organized than me? ( I think everyone is more organized than me.)

Thanks for dropping by here and reading.

Until the next time.

Dorne x

4 Thoughts

  1. I’m muddling myself. I’ve got work to do on my blog as well but instead I’ve spent the last day or so setting up a bullet journal. I do believe that sometimes you do have to go with the flow. 🙂

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  2. Well, I’m pretty impressed and I’d be interested to know how you get on with it. I love the idea of being more organised. But, I I’m such a muddler. I can’t think straight. How easy was the bullet journal to do and do you think it will be of some use? Please give us an update, when you get a minute. x


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