An afternoon giggle. Walking on thin ice: with apologies.

May I steal about 10 seconds of your Tuesday to show you this? I couldn’t help myself. With apologies to the guy that slipped on the ice. But, how he saved himself from a fall – magnificent! And I still haven’t stopped laughing. I clearly need to get out more…just not when it’s icy! Play it again – you know you want to!

I know it’s cruel…but I have slipped on ice so many times now, that I think it is about time I got to watch someone else and have a laugh at them. And I always hit the deck: this guy didn’t.

In fact I don’t need ice to fall on. I can do it on a perfectly dry surface and in a muddy field. That’s my best one. Face down in it – yes, really. But, no video to show you – sorry!

Thanks for dropping by and joining me in having a laugh at other folk’s expense! Have a great day.

Until the next time.

Dorne x


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