Meet Daisy.

Daisy newIt’s all things greyhound again, at the moment for us. We’ve just adopted a three-year old brindle ( just a little puppy really!) called Daisy: and so it is back to the dog walks, training and having a home that feels complete again. I do think a dog, or any pet makes a house a home.

Of course, we have our late greyhound, Misty to thank for this.

Misty 12She was our first grey and the reason for our addiction to them. Hubby and I aren’t complaining…it’s a brilliant addiction and one that comes highly recommended. Try it and get hooked!

Regular readers of this blog will remember that Misty posted on Write Dorne…Daisy will probably have her own column. It’s all part of a drive to shake things up a bit on here and get cracking with my greyhound book again.

Incidentally, our little puppy has just climbed our stairs, of her own accord ( a lot of greys can’t climb stairs!) and gone to investigate the upstairs of our cottage! My balls of wool are no longer safe! Loving it and I can’t stop grinning.

Thanks for dropping by again.

Dorne x




6 Thoughts

  1. Congratulations on the addition to your family! She is beautiful. Our house would be very empty without our Ari so I know what you mean about house not being a home without a pet. 🙂

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  2. Thanks Kat. A house feels somehow empty when you’ve been used to having a pet around the place, doesn’t it ? Like for instance…as I type this, I have a greyhound rug beneath my feet. So lovely and precious. Good to hear from you and many thanks for taking the time to comment. x


    1. Thanks John. She has helped to fill that bloomin awful void that follows the passing of a much loved pet. They don’t replace the pet that has died…but, they give you new hope. x


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