“Learning Style”

I’m reblogging this post because it really got me thinking. I love to learn and I find it fascinating as to how we all learn differently.
So thanks for getting me thinking.
As for me…I write stuff down. Once it’s committed to paper, I’m in with a better chance of remembering.
How about you?
Dorne x

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What’s your learning style? Do you prefer learning in a group or an interactive setting? Or one-on-one? Do you retain information best through lectures or visuals, or simply by reading books?


I was in college when I discovered the issues of a learning style.

I quickly learned I’m a visual and auditory learner with the ability to retain anything read or written to be given back for testing.

Tactile learning has been beneficial for my career, and I found it relatively easy to assimilate and retain the information after repeated use.

Group learning is useful, yet for the past fifteen years or more, I have enjoyed online learning at my pace and preferred it rather than a classroom setting.

My now adult children provided me with the opportunities to experience how different learning styles can be.

One child learns much like myself, and the other utilizes auditory, visual, and interaction with…

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2 thoughts

  1. I definitely have to write it down. I remember taking notes during lecture and immediately recopying after class. Study over and write again from memory. And probably write again.
    I taught little ones for many years. One year the push was all for learning styles. We were to show how we accommodated all styles in each lesson and try to identify each student’s style! With 30 kids? Bunch of rubbish. lol

    A good teacher will provide multi experiences for her children. We do those things without having to list them. 🙂 I never had complaints about my teaching …….. except from my husband who complained about my not giving him enough time. 😦 So I let him help me cut and color all the little learning style doo dads. lol

    Can you tell you rather hit a nerve? lol


    • I am completely in awe of teachers and how they manage kids. Little ones are so helpless and need so much guidance and the older ones…? well they know it all…not! and need guidance in other ways.
      And I know from friends who teach that their days extend well beyond the school day hours.
      I’m still in touch with one of my old teachers, who taught me when I was aged eight! She was a very special teacher to me. x


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