Customer service…what’s that – and what has a naked guy got to do with it?

I was going to start this ranting post (yes again…sorry!) by saying that this rather lovely naked guy, having his undies nicked by this cute, little pooch had nothing whatsoever to do with the post that follows. But, that would be untrue, as although my undies are intact, or they were when I last checked, I do feel a bit powerless at the moment. As if I have had my undies nicked and I am defenceless, with the wind howling around places it shouldn’t howl. Let me enlighten you…or bore you! And it’s a bit of eye candy for us gals and guys!

Hubby has Parkinson’s …fine. Well, no, not fine actually, but we get on with it …right? Trips into town and to sprawling shopping malls are a thing of the past. So it’s over to internet shopping. Now , don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for internet shopping, because without it I would be stuffed…BIG TIME!

Most of the time it all works and stuff gets delivered. But, when it goes wrong…you have to make THE phone call, don’t you?

A parcel was delivered, but not to me. It was left in a porch…I don’t have a porch. I rang the powers that be and explained. They spent two days trying to track down the courier who had committed the devilish deed and then when I rang them back to enquire what was happening and when he would be whipped for his actions…THEN and only THEN, did they decide to send out the order again. Hooray! It arrived the next day and all was well with my rather, strange world.

Today, I received word that they’d delivered another package to me…only they hadn’t …again. So, I rang them… again.

It’s a simple process:

Choose from these choices:

Press 1: If you suspect there is something b****y funny going on with your account and you’re pulling your already greying hair out!

Press 2: If you have a porch we can deliver someone else’s parcel to.

Press 3: If you know your blood group and the exact time you were born at.

I listened to the mind – numbing music…again. And then an actual human being on the end of the line, persuaded me that I wasn’t living in a twilight zone where all of my parcels go missing, to a huge porch and I end up like the guy on the beach…with nothing to wear. It appears Mulder and Scully will not have another case for their X-files.

They’ve amended their records and I will be able to sleep soundly in my padded cell tonight…until the next email to say …they’ve delivered yet another parcel to my non-existent porch.

So, that’s another rant done. That is all I seem to do these days…but, I do play hell rather well.  I begin by being friendly and professional and gradually lose it as the person at the other end tells me that their system won’t allow them to do that, once too often.

I’ve been on the other end of complaints, haven’t we all? So, I try to remember that. But, sometimes we all need a bloody, good punch bag and I’m afraid a position in customer services puts you right in my firing line! And… I’m as ratty as hell at the moment, due to a medication change.

Now, all I have to do is sort out hubby’s glasses (following on from the dog cuddling them), which is not easy when you have a disabled hubby, who struggles to get to the opticians now and a well-known high street optician doesn’t do home visits! All I can say is …they won’t be gaining any points there and our boots are doing the walking!  But, that is a different story and another rant.

Thanks for dropping by.

Dorne x



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