The Spring Melt

I love this post from Thomas, it’s full of hope and the images are stunning. So, I’m reblogging on here.
I especially like his header quote by John Muir.
Pop over to his blog…you’ll be glad you did.
Dorne x

When Timber Makes One Still

In the north, the snow is almost gone even though the occasional short-lived blizzard adds a few inches here and there. Some of the migrating birds have reached these northernly haunts, all the while singing loudly,  proclaiming “spring is coming!”. The hearty robin sits in top of a worn aspen tree every night and strings together the most melodious tune which echoes about the vastness, both full and lonely. At the same time, the short ‘peent’ of the woodcock can be heard as he does his dance for the females. Then just after sunset, he takes to the sky in a startling display, circling up and up and up, until finally, in one swift move, he plummets back towards the ground only to land where he took off. It will not be long until the white-throated sparrow or the hermit thrush sings again, the true indicator that the cold has…

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