Motivate Yourself by Submitting to a Writing Contest

Lisa has provided some great ideas and information here. We all need a dash of inspiration from time to time. I certainly do. So, I’m reblogging this.
Dorne x

Live to Write - Write to Live

Today’s post is as much for me as it is for you. You see, I’ve been quite lethargic about writing fiction lately, as my business has been so pleasantly busy that I don’t have time to write for fun.

I put don’t have time in italics, since, we all know that we make time for what is important to us. I do have time. I have the same amount of time as everyone else and if I truly want to write fiction, I will find a way.EnterWritingContests

Today’s post is my self-motivation for finding that way.

Submitting to contests is a great way to be inspired to write, to actually write, and to actually submit. I’ve done it. I know it’s always fun and challenging and a unique way to get the must to come out and play.

My all-time-favorite contests are the quarterly 24-hour contests by

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5 thoughts

  1. I don’t need motivation I need less prevarication 🙃
    Writing contests though…never tried that. I fear my time management is too dire for creating time to…no…that’s me putting up obstacles. You are right…like writing then the time is there one just has to create it instead of being a Twit staring for hours thinking what’s this for? Thanks for sharing this Dorne x

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    • I love this post and just had to share it. I think we’re all guilty of wasting time. But then, are we really wasting time…or actually forming ideas, plots and plans for life…and the cleaning of the toilet? x

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      • A good point…are you contending that prevaricating is in fact idea generating…I can work with this….fabulous idea…I will post haste avoid things more often now. Utter genius X
        Will go look at that post now 🙃


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