Do you make lists and do you stick to them? A blast from my past.

Article from Levo

Article from Levo

On my long trawl through my blog archives I’ve found this. It isn’t brilliant, but it beats some of the cringe-worthy stuff that resides in the colon of my blog.

I am still guilty of making endless lists. I have now left the sexy red phone (see below) behind…the Daisy dog got hold of it. I have a more super-duper model…black and sporting a purple cover. (Just so you know!)

I very carefully and methodically type in my day’s lists. They pop up at the appointed time…I snooze them. They pop up again, I snooze them. They try again to remind and inspire me. I snooze then until the next day or I swear at them and delete them!

There’s no hope really.

When I penned the offending post below, I was about to go to my sister’s wedding. My sexy red phone had gone on the blink and was in for repairs. I’d been given something that kind of passed as a phone as a temporary measure. I was not a happy bunny.

I  received word that my sexy red phone was waiting for me, in Scarborough…on the morning of the wedding…and I was in Gloucestershire.

I went on to get very badly lost in the car ( Sat Nav on sexy red phone…not on the dinosaur I took with me) , was very late and I got quite drunk on whisky that night. The wedding was lovely and my sis and brother-in-law looked fab and very happy.



shutterstock_178261232I’m a great lover of lists of things to do. They decorate my fridge door and I have them dotted around the heap, that I call my desk.

In addition to this, I also keep a diary [ Myslexia], use my diary on my laptop and, when I’m in possession of my sexy red phone, I use the diary and notebook on there as well.

We won’t mention the mobile phone, as I am still stuck with the ‘ Samsung inadequate ‘ and unless some miracle happens today, it looks like I will be stuck with it until next week. I fully expect to receive an email when I arrive in Gloucester tomorrow, informing me that my phone is awaiting me in Scarborough.

As well as using my lists to get myself organised on a daily basis, I also use them to organise my writing.

If find that if I arrive at what I call my desk, others might call a tip, with a list, I might be in with a fair chance of actually doing something productive. And I get to cross off the things as I do them. Or, they sit and stare at me, as I fail to cross them off. This worries me somewhat and I add this to my list. Then, I add to my list that I have added this and then add that, as well.

I’m a sad case. [We know that, don’t we?] If I need a boost, I will add things to my list that I’ve already done and cross them off, for the sense of achievement and excitement. [ Yeah, I need to get out more.]

At other times, I will methodically write out a detailed list and plan of action and then lose it…in my drawers. I’VE LOST SO MANY THINGS IN MY DRAWERS, IT’S UNBELIEVABLE! Don’t even go there!

So to recap:

  • I write lists.
  • They’re everywhere.
  • I still can’t get organised.
  • There’s no hope for me.
  • At all.
  • I don’t go out.
  • I just write lists all of the time.
  • I lose them in my massive drawers.
  • Lists go in those places and never come out again.
  • In fact, quite a few things go in those places and never come out again.
  • It’s a whole new world in there.

Do you write lists, to help with your writing or daily routine? Do you lose them? Do you need to get out more? Do you even care? Do you know what I’m going on about now? Please tell me.

I must go now and continue to plough through ‘the mother of all lists’ that I have set myself for today.

I suspect that I am going to need another list, to help me with the original list. And then there’s prioritising the list. OMG!

Sold by

Sold by

When I get down to Gloucester I can make a list for what I need to do there. [Gloucester will never be the same again.] Then, I can make a list of things to do, to get us back up the country. And of course, on my return I will have another list of things to do, at home.

I think I will be spending Monday in bed, getting over the b****y lists.

Of course, I could just throw caution to the wind and wing it!

Yeah, I might just do that and arrive at my sister’s wedding wearing my posh dress, with my muck boots. Because I didn’t have a list to remind me to take my high heels with me.

I’m off to burn my list now and live dangerously. Why not join me and create a f*ck it list, as in the image!

Thanks for dropping by.

Dorne x


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