Happy summer solstice: pole dancing and faeries.

saved from simply-beautiful-world.tumblr.com

saved from simply-beautiful-world.tumblr.com

Happy summer solstice to you all. I’ll admit, I thought it was tomorrow. I didn’t realise that it changed every year. So when I celebrate the solstice on 21 June each year I’m late, or too early. Apparently it can occur from 20 to 22 June.

Now I know!

I found out my mistake by various tweets and the such on social media. The common theme appears to be…it’s the longest day and now we’re stuffed. Prepare yourself for darkness and misery… the days are growing shorter now. This way for gloom and doom! It’s all downhill from here.

Well, I’m here to ask you misery guts to kindly quit your moaning and go and slit your wrists elsewhere, if you would be so kind. Not that I think anyone on here would be that negative…of course…I hope!

Summer has barely got going and we have long, lazy days of summer ahead of us. Those never-ending days of rain, rain and more rain. Then wind, wind, gales and gales on top of the gales. Just imagine yourself sipping iced tea, on your sun lounger and that sudden, almighty cloudburst overhead, as you scramble for cover…looking like a drowned rat.

The swifts, swallows, and house martins still circle and dance above us and tonight there is a pink, full moon. It won’t actually be pink ( and just as well, because I fear the more morbid – minded amongst us would no doubt see a pink moon as a harbinger of doom and even more gloom. First the shortening of days and now this…a pink moon. Quick hide, or slit your wrists!)

No, the pink moon is called so because the full moon in June coincides with the start of the strawberry picking season.

Here’s some more useless information for you:

  • The solstice take its name from the latin word, solsitium. This means the sun stands still. No, the world is not going to end.
  • Today there is 17 hours of daylight to enjoy and go mad in. Not as many in the southern hemisphere.
  • The sun stops travelling north…it’s had enough. It wants to head south. The people in the south shout ‘Yay!’
  • On Midsummers Eve the veil between this world and the next is very thin and the faeries are at their most powerful. No, I’m not talking about the dishwasher tablets.
  • I don’t know if it is midsummers night tonight…I’ve lost the plot somewhat. No kidding!
  • People celebrate this magical time of the year by wearing flowers in their hair, dancing around maypoles and humming very loudly, whilst rocking from side to side. Folk in the southern hemispheres light many candles, wear extra thick socks and strange-shaped woolly hats  and go to bed early.
Saved from flickr.com

Saved from flickr.com

Sadly, today I couldn’t be at Stonehenge, or Glastonbury to enjoy that magical atmosphere and overpowering smell of incense. ( I actually love joss sticks and burn them all of the time.) So, tonight I plan to sit in my courtyard garden, burning incense, with candles to keep the dark away and I may do some dancing around the folded up rotary airer.

We’re not overlooked…much, so I will be free to enjoy this magical evening. I may even dance sky clad. Oh, dear god, no! I will be humming very loudly indeed and rocking from side to side…before I fall off my chair.

Enjoy the summer/winter solstice wherever you are and don’t overdose on the joss sticks. Oh and watch out for those pesky faeries. They’re bound to be lurking somewhere.

Thanks for dropping by and I bet you wish I was still passed out, on my back in the woods? That could happen yet…if I’m extremely fortunate!

Dorne x


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