We have a UK heatwave again…so what am I doing on here?

garden in summer 1Somewhat unusual for an English summer, north of what was previously known as Cameronland ( that’s about as political as this post is going to get) we have sun and quite a bit of warmth today in my part of Yorkshireland. I’ve written about Yorkshireland on here before…but I can’t find it. It resides( my post that is, not Yorkshireland! )  in the intestines of this blog, along with quite a few other embarrassing pieces of my earlier mush. I really should go back and have a clear out. I’ll add it to the list! And if I was a proper blogger I would have given you a link…but, I’m not and I haven’t.

Anyhow, to return to the empty sun lounger that I carefully set up, in the shade, about three hours ago. It’s now is in the glaring sunlight and I am in here (office) with the electric fan on at warp-factor 100.

blogpost sunbathing 2I wish I could do this.

  1. No, I really do wish I could do this…and get up again.
  2. Being able to just chill out in the sun would be great.
Saved from Big Girl Life Blog.

Saved from Big Girl Life Blog.

The idea appeals. Get out there in the garden, on the sun lounger, with an iced drink and my Kindle. Heaven.

Except…how I think I look and really look are slightly different.

Saved from Kappit.com

Saved from Kappit.com

I have very fair, pale skin ( with quite a few blue veins showing through now…nice.) I’ve never been able to take massive amount of sun. As a sickly, child I added sunstroke and heat stroke to the bronchitis, all too easily. To sum me up would be thus:

  • too cold and damp… results in bronchitis, colds and flu, aches, pains, migraines and being a pain in the arse.
  • too warm… results in sunstroke and heat stroke, aches, pains, migraines and being a pain in the arse.

I must say, that as I sit here typing this, the sun lounger does look very inviting. But, I can guarantee just a mere five minutes of the heat out there would turn me an alarmingly glowing red. And I really don’t need any more headaches to go with the migraines.

So, on this warm and glorious Saturday afternoon I’m hiding inside. It’s not all bad. I’ve written this…oh dear god! And I’ve actually shown up on some of your blogs and engaged in the blogosphere, something I haven’t done too much of recently…long story.

As for my poor, neglected sun lounger and red-hot garden. It looks good from the kitchen and I will be out there later on, when the beastly sun has gone down. I come out at night, like a vampire.

Article from WordPress.com

Article from WordPress.com

I am one of those folk who love autumn, spring and winter and bravely endure hot summers. Cooler summers float my boat. The shorts get worn in summer, whether it’s warm or cold. That may explain the blue veiny thing!

How about you?

Are you a sun worshipper, or  do you love the cooler temperatures?

I recently saw something on TV about folk volunteering in Scotland to go and find the snow in summer. It exists…quite a bit of it in places. Now that would be heaven to me. I’m too hot…here I come snow.

Header blog etc 1

Thanks for dropping by.

Dorne x




5 thoughts

    • Yes, I can tolerate only so much heat. We haven’t had masses of it, but when it comes it’s so fierce.
      I hope that this winter we get some snow.
      Let’s hope it cools down for you soon and thanks for reading and commenting. x

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