Under construction: a blog overhaul.

Saved from readwrite.com

Saved from readwrite.com

Some of us ( er, that will be me) did not totally embrace the internet and social media thing as readily as others. I took my time and eventually dipped my toe into the waters of Twitter and Facebook…I still don’t really get them. I prefer Twitter and I don’t know why.

I am on Google + whatever that is and I may even be somewhere on Bloglovin, but god knows where.

And then I started a blog – Write Dorne. One evening I stayed up rather late (until at least 9 pm), got rather sloshed on Earl Grey tea and realised that when I had been experimenting with blogs about a year or so earlier, I had actually left the original one live…and folk had visited and liked. So Dorne Whale: My Inner Child was reinvented.

The sensible thing would have been to thank folk, put up a link to Write Dorne and invite them to pop over to there.

But, since when was I ever sensible?  My motto in life is to make a mountain out of a molehill. Nay… to make a crisis out of nothing. Be a drama queen.

You get my point?

Well, I have come to a decision. Here goes…

I have to move with the times and get more with it.

Saved from PictureQuotes.com

Saved from PictureQuotes.com

I have two rather chaotic blogs.

saved from pinterest

saved from pinterest

Write Dorne is about to go through a HUGE transformation. If I can just figure out how!

This will involve  sorting out the all over the place categories, posts and pages and trashing quite a lot of my previous mush. A bit like having a wardrobe clear out…with blog posts.

All six posts that will remain on here will be well-loved and worn!

And Inner Child my sister blog will be given a new home on here. I initially separated the two because Inner Child leans more towards the  arty farty things in life. Well, I can do that on here as well. ( I haven’t got to that page yet, but I’m getting there.) I can be arty farty pretty much anywhere.


This HUGE transformation and revamp of Write Dorne will not be an overnight thing.

In fact, I should imagine it will drag on for several months…if not years.

Article from rebbeccakelsey.com

Article from rebbeccakelsey.com

So, if you turn up on here and it looks like the builders are in…they are.


Photo credit: tonistaworld.blogspot.com

Photo credit: tonistaworld.blogspot.com

And we all know that things like that don’t always go according to plan.

I’ll thank you for your patience in advance and hopefully at the end of it all Write Dorne will make a bit more sense…or maybe not.

Thanks for dropping by.

Dorne x


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