Are we really existing in a matrix? And would you take the red, or blue pill?


Saved by Gina Freeze Tillmann

Saved by Gina Freeze Tillmann

Remember this mind-boggling scene from the movie The Matrix?


Now read and watch these clips.

Still with me? Thanks for reading and watching. Mind-blowing stuff hey?

Now tell me, would you take the red pill, or the blue pill?

Me? I would take the blue pill. Why would I want to wake up to a terrible nightmare that I had little influence over?

If the world as we know it is all but a dream then I say dream on! It’s a hell of a dream, even with all of the grimy and nasty bits thrown in.

This story could, of course, be very controversial and will no doubt set the theologists and scientists at loggerheads: but then what’s new?

I think that religions and science all provide some of the BIG answers as to why and how we came to be here. But, something has to put that first building block into place and that will be argued…until it’s game over.

Now, courtesy of Auntie Beeb ( British Broadcasting Corporation ) could we all actually be the ultimate gamers?

Step away from that X-box and other gaming consoles and look around you.

At the very least there’s another film script or novel idea in there.

Again…would you take the red, or blue pill?

Thanks for reading/watching.

Dorne x

5 thoughts on “Are we really existing in a matrix? And would you take the red, or blue pill?

  1. This notion of a matrix like existence is truly a good ponder factor. There was a cultish film called They Live with a similar concept. Human like aliens controlling the governance and elite classes and misinforming the masses with subliminal messages saying everything was under control. It’s quite an old movie now, but if memory serves the protagonist happens across a batch of sunglasses that reveal the aliens as they truly are. Neat idea and I guess they are the equivalent of the pills in The Matrix. Wear or not wear…wake up in your bed and believe what you want to believe or stay in Wonderland and find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.

    Great post and me, I’m a red pill every time…I already consider They Live accurately covers out politicos 🤔

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      • I could write a treatise on politicos and manipulation of population dynamics. My favourite phrase here now is ‘Just to be clear.’ At which point off they go into a diatribe doing precisely the opposite…in my view that equates to fabrication exposed !

        No need to thank either….I have, of late, been very sluggish in visiting my blogging friends blogs. I think it’s part time factor and often the speed at which new posts appear on my reader these days. I have to take time outs to explore again. Great post Dorne x

        Liked by 1 person

      • Very true Dorne. Over summer I turned all my notifications off just to step back and recharge. It got rather obsessive, or is that addictive? Had to step back a bit and rethink my approach. I was doing more blogging and virtually no writing 😱


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