Think you’re not making progress with your blog? Check out your older posts.

In the maze of blogging.

In the maze of blogging.

My recent autopsy of my blog has been rather messy, but, enlightening.  Although it is still ongoing… I’ve managed to produce quite a lot of dross stuff. Some of it will be re-cycled and other posts TRASHED – big time! I mean what was I even thinking when I wrote them? Perhaps, I was abducted by aliens and my earlier attempts were the after – effects. THEY MADE ME DO IT! In my defence, I was trying to find my ‘blog voice’. We all know that dilemma – yes?

We can come across as too rigid, too silly, plain daft ( I think I may have dipped my toe into the waters of that one!) confused, boring, obsessive or hopefully encouraging. If we get it right and people find something in our blog and posts that they like they return and we are not talking to ourselves any more.

I suspect that when we stop trying to be bloggers and just act naturally is the time when folk find us and read us.


This blogging thing is serious stuff.

This blogging thing is serious stuff.

Writing a blog is scary.

Writing a blog is very intimidating – and it is all self-inflicted. We don’t want to disclose too much of ourselves – that’s dangerous. By this I mean chancy in the sense of  :

  • There’s a lot of unscrupulous scum- bags out there that will take your sensitive information and use it to clone a darker version of you.
  • Do you really want to find yourself naked in a room full of strangers, all pointing and sniggering at your less than perfect funny bits?

But, in order to connect to people we have to give something of ourselves first… right? Reveal something about our true self to another person and they will likely open up, or scurry away – shaking their heads. That is after all, how friendships come about.

It’s just we don’t need to tell folk about everything and go all around the houses, like we usually do.

That’s the fastest way to losing friends and boring folk rigid.

So, how much is enough and what is too much?

I think that is a decision that we all have to make individually. Some folk are more comfortable with sharing aspects of their lives and others are more private. The trick is to find out where you are on this and then blog accordingly.

In the bowels of my blog.

In the bowels of my blog.


My blog autopsy continues, in amongst all of the other things I have going on. It’s a slow process.

Sometimes, in amongst all of the entrails and cringe-worthy stuff  I’m finding something that is actually kind of okay. Words have been used that I didn’t even know that I knew! Posts actually make sense and I can take some pride in them. These masterpieces will be kept and brought out on parade, every so often. ( Who am I kidding? They’ll be on here all the time.)



So,  to revisit my initial title:  if you doubt you’re not making progress with your blog, just check out your earlier posts. There will be the evidence of your blog baby and you can bask in the knowledge that your blog is growing up and evolving.

How about you? Have you been pleasantly surprised by your earlier attempts at blogging… good and bad?

Feel free to comment in the box below.

As always, thanks for reading.

Dorne x


One thought on “Think you’re not making progress with your blog? Check out your older posts.

  1. I have indeed, Dorne. I recently had a good clear out of my blog posts. There were over 450 in there. I ended up trashing over 100 as well as deleting all those images I was not 100% sure were free to use. I’ve kept a lot of posts back and do intend on either rewriting them or republishing them. There’s certainly a treasure trove lurking deep in all our blogs.


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