Finding the words again.

How many times over the last year have I tried to find the right (write) words… for posts on here?

Sometimes life does that to you and we all have our own ways of dealing with a word-drought and an inability to write.

Some turn up at their blank computer screen daily and just type. It doesn’t matter what appears on the screen, at least these determined types have written something!

Others work through exercises, to get the writerly juices flowing.

Some of us give ourselves permission to just not write. We don’t want to do it, we don’t have a clue what to write and besides we’re a lot happier not writing… yes?

No, actually!

My WordPress dashboard is littered with half-hearted and half-finished posts. Begun with such gusto and passion and then abruptly brought to a halt by that voice of doubt.

Can I still write? Could I ever?

So, I’m trying to re-enter the blogsophere and try to remember how to drive this thing. In truth, I probably never really passed my test before! And now – there’s a new kid on the WordPress block… Gutenberg editor! I thought why not have a go, downloaded it and presently I have no idea where it has gone. Some things never change.

So, as I brush off the cobwebs and try to actually complete this particular post, I have much to learn and re-learn.

What about you guys… have any of you had a blog break? By choice or due to certain circumstances? Are any of you using the Gutenberg editor? What do you think?

Let’s hope I locate this Gutenberg guy and learn how to get on with him soon.

Thanks for taking the time to drop by here.

(Hey, I actually finished a post!)

Dorne x

8 Thoughts

  1. Hi and wnderful to see you again. A break from writing or any pursuit
    is just fine. Go with the flow. There are many reasons why we need
    to go walkabout. Many are personal and some can just be that we need
    to re-charge, to draw new inspiration from life around us.
    Whatever our reasons I trust our care and friendship on this site will
    always be there that welcome back.


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  2. Glad to see you back, Dorne. I’ve found the WordPress community is very forgiving when it comes to bloggers taking blogging breaks – like with really good friends, however long since you last spoke, you can just pick up wherever you left off 🙂 x

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  3. Yeah! You not only finished a post, you also published it! Dorne, it’s lovely to see you back … I’ve been wandering how you are? So many, including myself, take breaks from blogging and everyone seems very understanding and welcoming once back. The writing will come with time …first one word, then the next. Arghh… well done for braving Gutenberg, I haven’t dared try this editor yet but have heard various reports. Have a lovely weekend and take care. xx

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