I’m fed up with my fat suit!

Ten years ago I lost 4 stone (56 pounds). But, gradually the weight crept back on over the years. 

The weighing scales grew rusty and my waistband grew tighter. I went up a dress size.

Great- a new wardrobe. Life was for living… right? I was approaching middle-age and a few pounds here and there was to be expected. I was a curvy woman and I loved my curves so much. I celebrated my curves! I was an ‘average’ size. Nothing wrong with that… right?

The healthy eating went out of the window… life was for living… right? 

And, the new wardrobe now largely consisted of sacks with lace on.

Who was I kidding? Certainly not my body.

In my youth I had taken my brilliantly fast metabolism for granted. I could eat whatever I wanted and didn’t gain a gram.(I am trying to get with it!)

However, middle-age had other ideas. A hysterectomy and developing hypothyroidism, and fibromyalgia all exacerbated the weight gain. I deluded myself that I would not be able to lose weight and took refuge in a box of chocolate eclairs!

Then, the arthritic knee decided it wasn’t happy with the womanly curves bearing down upon it. 


Despite of and because of physiotherapy the knee wouldn’t play ball… or anything else for that matter. A replacement knee was the answer.

But, guess what? A weight loss is required before surgery.

 In my particular corner of Yorkshireland, our National Health Service Trust stipulates that if you are obese you must lose ten per cent of your body weight before they will operate on you. 

There are those that would argue that this takes a discriminatory approach. That overweight people should have access to the same treatment as others. 

But, for me it was my watershed moment. The idea of having a general anaesthetic for such a major operation and putting my life at risk, because I was so heavy, was a no-go. I want to wake up afterwards and get to know my plastic – fantastic knee!

Fast forward to present day and the weight loss is well underway. As I did ten years ago, I have returned to my local Slimming World group. The food optimization produces fantastic results. More importantly, I never go hungry. Because, as we all know hunger is your enemy when you are weight watching. It distracts you from your goal and tells you you can’t do it, you need food.

I have lost over a stone and hope to reach my 10 per cent body weight loss before Christmas. That is my Christmas present to myself. That and a new wardrobe, when I achieve my target weight. Just another 3 stone to go! 

I imagine my lost weight as 2 pound bags of sugar. (I am also a sixties child and can’t quite get used to kilos… yet. Although I do now work in centimetres.)

I have lost approaching ten bags of sugar. Perhaps,  if I ever go off plan, I should strap them all back on to my body to remember how it felt? 

It’s madness what we do to our bodies, sometimes. It isn’t straightforward and of course our minds need to work in line with our bodies to achieve the desired end results.

So, for now I am ‘in the zone’. I hope to remain in it. My initial weight loss is already benefiting my poor, deformed knee. Not as many bags of sugar for it to carry around.

I don’t claim to understand how sometimes I can tolerate and even embrace my ‘fat suit’ and then I want rid of it.

A renewed sense of hope and confidence accompany the weight loss. 

And… the use of this new editor thing on here. I can’t remember the name of it. I can’t access the preview or anything else for that matter. But, I am about to hit the ‘publish’ button; because, I have lost weight. If I can start to strip off my ‘fat suit’ what else am I capable of? 

Here’s hoping that this post makes sense.

How about you?

Do you struggle with your weight?

Any tips to share?

Shall we be fat friends – slimming down?

Do you have a gammy knee?

Until next time.

Dorne x

3 Thoughts

  1. I can so relate to this! Menopause and a thyroid problem I didn’t know I had left me with my ‘fat suit’ too! I’m trying to lose it, but it’s a bit of a struggle. I’m glad to know you are winning the battle.


    1. Hi Lisa.
      Life’s unfair sometimes, isn’t it? We lose the monthly curse, but then gain extra pounds.
      I was really struggling, but now, at last, the pounds are dropping away.
      Good luck with your weight loss and it’s good to meet you. X

      Liked by 1 person

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