Minus a tooth.

My middle sister puts it down to us having inherited lousy genes. The it in question relates to my sisters and me wondering why we seem to be having more than our fair share of operations and procedures, compared to our peers. We all do our best to stay healthy and fit, but it would appear the powers that be have other ideas and so it’s off to the hospital once more, for one of us.

A fortnight ago it was my turn again. This time a troublesome tooth needed to be tackled, in the operating theatre. The roots of this monster were so long and twisted, and worryingly close to my facial nerves, that my dentist admitted she lacked the nerve to tackle it. ( No pun intended.)

And so, in an operating theatre, in a hospital not very local to me ( more on that in another post) a slight, young woman, but by no means lacking in substance , wrestled the tooth and one root from my middle-aged jaw. The other root had to remain, due to it being very close to my facial nerves. 

“Look at the hook on that,” I heard her comment to her colleague, as a tremendous crack echoed throughout my head and heralded the removal of the offending tooth.  

I lay on the bed wrapped up in what felt like a warm water blanket, with a soothing eye mask, to protect my eyes from the extremely bright lights. I could have been having a spa day, if it hadn’t been for the dentist drill and the battle taking place around me to pull the tooth.

Fast forward two weeks and other than a minor infection that hopefully has been sent packing by a short course of antibiotics, my jaw seems to be adjusting to the loss of the tooth. Very strong painkillers assisted when I was climbing the walls, in the days following the procedure. But, I managed and even took my swollen and red face out to a family meal, two days after the operation. 

I’m in awe of our amazing National Health Service (NHS) and am truly grateful for everything they do for us. Sadly, they are under real pressure at the moment. In my particular part of Yorkshireland, our local hospital in Scarborough has seen many of its services transferred out of the local area. This is worrying and causing a lot of hardship and problems for local residents. A very dedicated and hardworking team of protesters who care about our brilliant local hospital are battling the powers that be to ensure that we keep essential services at a local level. We are a tourist town and a lack of essential services such as an A&E would impact massively on our town.

I feel strongly about this topic and will be posting on this subject again. I know that this problem is not just restricted to my area.

So, I am finally rid of a tooth that threatened to give me a lot of trouble.

Unfortunately, my days of visits to the operating theatre are not over… an arthritic knee needs to be replaced by a presumably  plastic-fantastic version. It would appear that my years of hiking and hill climbing have not kept the big A at bay. 

So, how about you… do you have any views on the health care in your part of the world? Are you the proud owner of lousy genes, no matter how hard you try to remain relatively healthy? And do you grin bravely, as your friends who are sometimes ten years your senior, literally out-walk you yet again?

You’ve come to the right place. You don’t have to be Wonder Woman on here. In fact, you don’t even have to be a woman. Everyone is welcome.

It’s time I wasn’t here, but thanks for dropping by.

Dorne x

P.S. I’ve written this post on my phone using the new editor. So, it will be interesting to see how it turns out!

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