And relax!

Are you suffering from an overload of Christmas? Just about every television programme encourages us to buy, make and eat Christmas food and treats. Normal and healthy food will just not cut it at this time of the year. If it isn’t drowning in wine, sherry or double cream forget it… it’s not Christmas fare.
Television adverts constantly feed us ideas for Christmas presents. Spend, spend, spend… whether you brave the high street, or shop online… it’s so easy to press that purchase button.
Crazy, crazy, crazy.
Time to chill for a few minutes.

Grab a coffee, sink into a comfy chair, click the link above and relax!

Okay… now back to the madness and mayhem that is Christmas. It comes but once a year… thank goodness!

And I hope the link in this post works. Isn’t this new editor fun? 😜

Thanks for visiting.
Dorne x

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