I’m back under my food comfort – blanket.

I’m writing this at tea time, on the day after Boxing Day. Christmas, 2018 is rapidly fading into history and 2019 is racing towards us… whether we want it or not. I trust that your Christmas was all that you had hoped for, or at the very least… not a nightmare.

I faced a different Christmas this year. I have lost nearly two stone in weight, or, as I take great pleasure in visualizing, 14 – two pound bags of sugar. This introduction to the new me has been achieved by returning to my local Slimming World group.

I wrote about this in another recent post


When I lost my previous fat suit ten years ago, I treated my weight loss as a diet. Much to my surprise I shed my unwanted pounds relatively quickly and then… I had a bit of what I fancied and some more. I’d lost the weight and deserved it… right? Er… no.

Little wonder then, that the bags of sugar gradually re-collected around my frame and began to accompany me on my trek through life and not just when I took the pooch.

So, I returned to Slimming World and my goal to lose the fat suit for good!

If you don’t know anything about how the Slimming World lifestyle (that is now celebrating 50 years of helping folk achieve weight loss and keep it off) works, let me briefly explain.

Food optimisation is not a diet and should not be treated as such. Diets are there to get the weight off and then you’re left with what to do next. If you have a willpower constructed of iron then you may be able to continue with your restricted portions of food. If that is you – then you have my respect, but, I am in the love my food and need plenty of it camp.

I’m not going to bang on about Slimming World forever but, I would just like to briefly explain that this particular way of eating involves eating bulky foods, which have a low calorific value, but, they’re also low in energy density. Roughly speaking, this means that you get to eat a ton of food and lose weight.

That’s for me!

But, as we all know, processed foods come loaded with fat and sugar, so the clever Slimming World folk have worked out the syns for these foodstuffs. This means that nothing is out of bounds! Yes, you read that right.


With a daily syn allowance it is easy to include the foods and drinks that a diet would frown upon, such as chocolate, beer, cakes and anything else in between. And with good reason, because a lifestyle choice is easier than a diet. To get weight off feels good and to keep it off is well… very empowering.

So, back to my and my food-comfort blanket. Little did I realize just how much I have embraced food optimisation and the approach of Christmas left with me a decision to make… to stay on plan, or not?

I knew that mince pies and in particular a Yule chocolate log would probably need to be included in my Christmas celebrations. In the end I opted for a three day relaxation of syns – from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day. Not a complete walk away from the plan… I’m enjoying my two stone lighter me. And I didn’t want those damn bags of sugar accompanying me up the hill again, when I took the dog. No, I would take note of the syn value of foods and if I really, really craved them have them. I could then get back on plan and lose any pounds I’d lost.


But, after two days of that , I woke up on Boxing Day and thought… I need my Slimming World comfort – blanket back .  

I didn’t over – indulge with my food. But, what I did eat contained more syns and so I didn’t eat as much. I didn’t feel as satisfied. Those bulky foods certainly work.

But, the other point I need to make is this. Is it really worth ramming a mince pie down your throat and gaining extra pounds? How long does the thrill of that pie last? Even if you savour every last crumb of it, is it really worth the extra pounds? Not for me. My knee that is twisted sideways towards my other knee and that would benefit from a plastic or metal replacement, would agree. It greatly appreciates fewer bags of sugar bearing down upon it.

For those of us that are feeling the benefit of a weight loss and are enjoying being able to wear favourite items from our wardrobes that we haven’t been able to wear in quite a long time, it’s a no-brainer. But, there are others who would disagree and that’s fine. My intention is not to offend. We’re all different.

I feel as if I am on an adventure. To others maybe I don’t look that different, (although a few folk have told me I look like I’ve lost weight) but inside something has awoken. I feel empowered and as we all do when we are inspired I want to shout from the mountains. Can you hear me shouting?

But, will I feel so high and mighty on Sunday evening when I get weighed again?

Well even if I have gained a few pounds I know that I can lose the weight again. I enjoyed my Christmas and ate and drank as I wanted. ( Although in the end I didn’t actually want to eat the Yule Log and that has just been donated to my grateful and slim son-in-law.)

I want to be able to walk properly again and without the aid of my Robocop knee brace. I also have a few new pieces for my wardrobe lined up… when I have reached my target goal.

Who am I kidding? It’ll be a whole new wardrobe!

But, the best bit is the support and friendship that I get from my Slimming World group. All in all it’s a win – win situation.

So, how about you, was your Christmas good and do you now need to shed a few pounds? Or perhaps you have another way of keeping those sugar bags at bay? Feel free to share with us.

Thanks for dropping by.

Dorne x

P.S. I am using the new Gutenberg editor and I haven’t quite got the hang of links to older posts yet. Bear with me, although I may never grasp it. x


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