As 2019 rolls in.

It’s that strange day again, when a new year slowly, but surely moves across the globe. A westerly shadow creeps across our blue-marbled earth and sees the old year off. For twelve hours our world straddles two years.

Some folk celebrating, others quietly marking the passing of the old year and some not really wanting to think too much about it.

Aliens watching from outer space could never know that they were watching our history in the making. Human beings marking time and their lives.

A virgin year lies ahead – full of hope and new opportunities. Brand new calendars and diaries just waiting to be filled up with life.

On a personal level, I am never quite sure about the new year. I prefer not to celebrate its arrival. I like it to gently wash over me and take the old year from me peacefully. Hubby and me don’t always stay up to welcome in the new year. I quite like to be tucked up, warm and cosy in our bed and drinking a cup of tea, when the first fireworks of the new year zoom in to sky. We sleep with the blind open, so I can share the display… but, keep a safe distance. Hubby is usually happily snoring contentedly by then.

Today, I have been tempted to buy some sparklers. Oh dear, will I need to wait until midnight to light them and make letters against the night sky? Not necessarily. They may write their words and draw their pictures well before midnight. A cuppa may be enjoyed in the garden, with a warm blanket for extra comfort. Then, it will be off to bed for hubby, me and the Daisy Dog.

Here’s wishing you a peaceful and very happy new year… however you choose to see it in, or see the old one off!

So, how about you?

Are you a new year party reveller or a quiet go to bed and see you in the morning kind of person?

Thanks for dropping by and see you next year. Or perhaps, you are reading this from next year?

Dorne x

2 Thoughts

  1. Dorne, I see your point and understand it is just a new day. However, I love
    celebrations but am not a reveller. Tonight I am going to some friend’s home and
    I know there will be warm atmosphere and light and delicious food. Good music and
    conversation. All ending with a glass of Champagne as the Big Ben rings in the
    New Year accompanied by amazing fireworks.

    Then Old Lang Syne ……sang between us and the people on the streets of London.

    I don’t make any resolutions, just glad it starts positive.


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