What is that noise?

I’m just back from a walk with the Daisy Dog, in our part of Yorkshire land. There’s masses of amazing colour, as the leaves turn and fall.

A strange noise in a horse chestnut tree got my attention. Hey, that wasn’t birds!?

It was these two guys – grey squirrels. So, I had a go at filming them. Sadly, the sound isn’t the best and the cars kept on driving up the road… funny that! But, you get the gist of the situation.

Now, I can’t figure out whether it was mum telling off her teenager about the state of his bedroom, wifey not very happy with hubby, or a door- to- door salesman that wasn’t appreciated. Either way, her/ his tail and body language was not happy about it, and their language matched.

What do you think was happening? Feel free to jump right in and comment.

Now to the business of sorting out the zillions of, mostly highly embarrassing posts on here. It seemed like a good idea at the time!

Thanks for dropping by.

Dorne x

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