It’s all right, I’ve got cover – kind of.

Oh yes, when I bought my last washing machine I duly took out a cover plan. It was common sense and a no-brainer.

Last night the said machine decided to make a weird, rather worrying noise. No problem! I’m covered.

Yes, they will come out to repair my poorly washing machine… in a week’s time.

A whole week!

Now, there’s only two of us and a pesky greyhound in this household, but between us we keep the dirty wash basket very busy. It hasn’t had a vacation in …. never.

And here’s the thing. If I got my local repair guy out – as he comes out to my other non-covered appliances – he would likely turn out this week and quite possibly have our poorly machine working, or declare a death sentence sooner than a week today. That way, I could skip off to choose a new machine and know that help was on the way. I may well wait a week to have a washing machine funeral and then wait some more for my new baby. All the time with clothes growing new life forms of their own in the wash basket.

Yes, that was really clever of me.

This cover plan will be allowed to lapse and my local guy will be up for a job next time.

But before then, we have a week of hand washing of smalls, that aren’t that small. And with two grown adults that fail to hit their mouths on a regular basis, things will get very messy. And that pesky greyhound will not wear boots to prevent muddy paw marks.

It’s okay. Just calm Dorne! I’ve got this. I’ll just fast-forward this week.

Is there anyone else out there with dirty smalls and a washing machine that refuses to wash them?

Thanks for dropping by.

Dorne x

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