Give me sunset over a sunrise.

My parents probably thought that naming their first born daughter after the dawn, albeit concocting an usual spelling of it, would result in a soul that embraced the early morning.

Err… wrong.

This dawn sometimes sees the dawn as she lumbers to the loo. Then she clambers back into bed and resumes her snoring.

At this time of the year there are some amazing sunrises, although they do come with a warning …

Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning.

The sunsets are just as fantastic and less dangerous.

Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight.

I look forward to the sunsets and head off with the Daisy Dog to drink in, what is for me, a magical time of the day. The sun is leaving us for the day, but in the meantime we are treated to an amazing show of colours, before the inky blue sky takes over.

I feel such a sense of peace as I watch the sunsets at this time of the year. My corner of the world prepares for rest. Wrapped up against the elements it feels good to watch ‘nature’s show’ and then head home for a mug of hot chocolate.

Before an evening in, if I’m lucky, under a fluffy throw on the sofa, binge – watching box sets… usually zombies and vikings.

As I said before, dawn doesn’t even come anywhere near me. Dracula is perhaps more fitting as I revel in the dark, cosy evenings. Don’t get me wrong – the lighter evenings have their attractions, but I adore dark and mysterious.

Autumn and winter? Not a problem for me. How about you? Dawn or dusk?

Thanks for dropping by.

Dorne x