It’s a boy bump!

My daughter is carrying a second son and we are all absolutely thrilled to bits.

It does feel strange, with his older brother Daniel not being here to see him. And I have no doubt that he will remind us of Daniel at times, but, he won’t be him. That will probably take some getting used to. There will be mixed emotions to deal with.

But this little chap will be so very welcome and loved. He comes to us as we are still all learning to cope with the passing of his older brother. How good it will feel to hold him and have that sense of hope. For his parents to have a future again, albeit not the one originally envisioned.

Life doesn’t always work out as we plan and hope, but in amongst the dark days and tears there is the glimmer of sunlight again. I am truly grateful for that.

His parent’s consultant and midwifes are supporting them brilliantly, through what will be a complex pregnancy. A few health issues have been a bit of a niggle, but then every pregnancy comes with its risks and concerns. We live in hope.

This grandma is hopeful and looking forward to meeting our new family member, who is due in early spring. I am sure his other grandmas will be equally excited.

So, it’s fingers, toes and everything else crossed as we wait for our little man to join us. A name has been chosen for him, but I’m not giving it away until he is safely here with us and his mum and dad have decided it suits him and they make it official.

Until then, it’s shopping for baby stuff and dreaming my dreams. It feels great to be able to go back into the baby/ kids section of shops. For so long I’ve not been able to face it.

But what really thrills me is seeing mummy and daddy to – be getting ready to be parents again. Because they are brilliant at it!

Please keep your fingers crossed for us all and thanks for dropping by.

Dorne x

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