A life lived on the edge of purple.


indecisiveness 5

‘When I am an old woman I shall wear purple.’ 

Jenny Joseph.

Well, I’m not old… but, I am getting in a little practise now. Rather like Jenny Joseph in her poem Warning

Just why do some of us threaten to wear the colour purple, when we grow older?


Me? Well, as a teenager I always wanted a purple bedroom. Mum said no and set me off on the road of becoming a rebellious middle-aged woman.

These days when I look in the mirror my wrinkles smile back at me… or are they laughter lines? I’m two dress sizes larger than I used to be and try as I might those extra slabs of lard are going nowhere. ribbon-2929380_1920

This could be because I have an underactive thyroid gland ( known as hypothyroidism), fibromyalgia, regular migraines and arthritis.

I’m not alone… there are sadly plenty of us. In fact quite a lot of folk don’t realise they have these complicated and mysterious diseases/ syndromes. And some doctors don’t even recognise these diseases/ syndromes. But, don’t get me started on that – actually, I will get started on that… in a future post.  So, stick around… I may be able to offer some information – or, you can a laugh at me, as I get my rather large, purple ( of course) knickers in a knot, about it all.


When I reluctantly resigned from my much-loved job nine years ago, due to my mystery illnesses, which a specialist finally diagnosed, I did a bit of freelance writing, which gave my life purpose again, brought in some money and kept me out of mischief. I still do a bit from time to time.

My hubby of approaching 25 years, has Parkinson’s disease and these days, our life together is impacted more by it. But, he keeps battling on and I just keep going on and on about it!

I’m a mum to a daughter, step-mum to two,  and a step-grandma to six. My little grandson, who was four, gained his angel wings in July of last year. I’m still coming to terms with that, as is my daughter (her son) her fiancé and the rest of our family.

I haven’t felt able to write on here, or anywhere else for that matter for some time, but, I now feel the need to climb back into the blogosphere again.


So, please join me from time to time, as I go on about this and that. And if you want to leave me a comment, that would be cool.

Thanks for dropping by.

Dorne x