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All things to do with totally addictive greyhounds.

In which Cesar Milan 2 tries to encourage me to let my greyhound off the lead… kind of!

“Are you going to let her off then?” said Cesar 2. We – Cesar Milan 2, his two dogs, my dog – The Daisy Dog and I were idling our Saturday morning away in the field. A field that Cesar 2( my nickname for this…

In which I meet Cesar Milan… kind of!

I’m working on a commission, writing about cats. So I’m taking a break from cats and writing about greyhounds on here. In particular, one little lady and her mates. ********************************************************************************************************* So, it’s a Saturday morning and the Daisy Dog and I are on one of…

A fistful of sausages: training the Daisy dog.

  For a few sausages more I’m hoping my greyhound will be good, not bad and certainly not get us into an ugly situation. I’m out with the Daisy dog on a bright, late January afternoon. The birds are singing hopeful songs and a gentle,…

A teenage greyhound’s first blog post. Love from the Daisy Dog.

I want to like, wash my bottom on the sofa in the lounge and then I may have another little snooze. Before you’re sick ,mummy has a big fluffy throw on there and a waterproof cover:  and so my bottom will not make the…

Autumn. A song and some thoughts.

I absolutely LOVE autumn. The colours, the weather, the mood… I could go on but, I’ll let this video and song from one of the true masters weave some autumn magic.   Then… there’s my take on autumn. As I’m thinking about it now, I can think…

Greyhounds and muddy boots: the Daisy dog continued.

The Daisy dog has been with us for seven months… how time flies. Up to now, I  haven’t talked about her much on here and as yet she has shown no interest in blogging herself. ( Such as our previous greyhound, Misty did.) The new improved Write…

Done racing: the early stages of re-homing a retired greyhound.

  Those of you who read this blog regularly may know that about two months ago we ( hubby and I) adopted our second retired greyhound, Daisy. She’s a blue brindle and will be four years old in May. In the two months we’ve…

Meet Daisy.

It’s all things greyhound again, at the moment for us. We’ve just adopted a three-year old brindle ( just a little puppy really!) called Daisy: and so it is back to the dog walks, training and having a home that feels complete again. I do think a…

R.I.P.Misty : the blogging greyhound.

This morning hubby and I had to make the heart-breaking decision to have Misty, our beloved greyhound, put to sleep. An X-ray had revealed a tumour on her hip and even if the damn and blasted thing hadn’t been cancerous, she would have needed her…

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