Happy Halloween: Most Farted! A take on Most Haunted.

I’m betting there will be a few strange noises and events tonight. This lot, minus the brilliant Derek Acorah may even be lurking somewhere.

This is an alternative take on Most Haunted. I know there are numerous other shows where folk go to haunted properties, turn off all the lights and then scare themselves silly; for the benefit of the audience – hiding behind their sofas at home.

If you have the sense of humour of an eight year old then this is for you. Enjoy.

There… that feels so much better.

Thanks for stopping by and stay safe on this spooky night.

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Halloween:a night of ghosts and the dead, or a new beginning?

Found on justineshalloween.tumblr.com

Found on justineshalloween.tumblr.com

As the sun sinks behind the horizon tonight groups of rather excitable witches, wizards, ghosts and zombies will roam our streets. They will go from house to house (hopefully not disturbing and distressing elderly residents) and play trick or treat.

At our house candles and a lantern will light the front window and when they knock they will be treated with  individual, small bags of loose change. We’re not talking mega bucks, just a few pence…to add to their pocket-money.

For our tea we will likely have a jacket potato and baked beans, or hob goblin grub, as it was known during my childhood and subsequently that of my daughters.

When my daughter was younger, we would play hide and seek in the dark.  Try it and see…just make sure that all danger areas are our of bounds. It’s amazing how a familiar room becomes that bit more exciting and spooky in the dark. Hands grab at you from nowhere and imagined noises turn out to be nothing…or are they?

Halloween, or Samhain ( pronounced sowen) is, after all supposed to be the night 0f the dead. The veil between our world and the underworld is at its thinnest. Our dead ones can pass through it and be amongst us. That’s if you want them to. I can think of a few people  I’d rather not meet up with thank you very much. They will not be welcome at my house tonight.

Photo credit: 3347654.tumblr.com

Photo credit: 3347654.tumblr.com

But, Samhain is also the Celtic and Wiccan New Year. The cycle is complete, we can give thanks, focus on our dreams and start again.

Found on Etsy.com

Found on Etsy.com

It’s not about the dead and ghosts. It’s very much about the living and celebrating life. We get the chance to revert back to our more pagan cores. Some basic instinct that still exists within us. We feel the cycles of life , our modern society dresses it up and commercializes it as Halloween: and some of our modern religions do their level best to demonize it.

So, what is your take on Halloween?

Will you celebrate and how?

However, you spend today, tonight and tomorrow, have a happy and safe time.

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2014-31-10--10-33-25 halloween cDepending on your views and beliefs today is Halloween, or Samhain [pronounced Sowen].

It is New Year’s Eve for the Celts and Wiccans.

The veil between our worlds is thinnest today and we can honour our dead and maybe even catch a glimpse of them…spooky!

Kids will excitedly dress up in scary outfits and go Trick or Tricking. Later on the Sandman will come and drop sand in their tired eyes to make them sleep.

Christians will celebrate tomorrow as All Saints Day and November 2 is All Souls Day.

Whichever way you look at it, this time is very special. Our beliefs may have changed, but some basic instincts remain and link us to our ancestors. We still feel the need for a lantern to light the way and keep the spirits at bay, when the dark nights draw in. Some spirits of the dead may not be welcome!

And if it is a new year and beginning of sorts, what about a thought for the new year?

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. – Marcel Proust.

Tomorrow…a new beginning? But first a night of shadows, lanterns, ghosts, ghouls, prayer and honouring.

However you celebrate today, or not; have a good, safe day.

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A different world.



2014-30-10--12-49-53 leaves cThis is what you see from where you stand. Beautiful enough, tinted with the mid – day sun.

2014-30-10--12-47-35Leaves cNow, see it from where I stand. Welcome to my world.

I dart around beneath your feet. You may catch a glimpse of me as you idly wander up the grass path, with your dog sniffing  at their doggy newspaper and you drinking in the dazzling light and the colours…so many colours. A sudden movement, from the corner of your eye. A rustle of the leaves…but nothing visible to move them. I’m hiding from you. I’m watching you. You can sometimes feel me watching you, but where am I?

Down here.

Be careful, don’t tread on me and take me away from my beautiful, miniature world.

A quick post for now, Halloween influenced [so excited, love Halloween] and apologies to those of you who have commented and liked my posts, but not received any acknowledgement as yet. I’m not usually as ignorant as this. I’m juggling a few balls at the moment and some of them are hitting the deck.

Please bear with me and I’ll get back to you and come and bug you on your blog, at some point…you don’t get away with it that easily. LOL!

Thank you for taking the trouble to stop by here, read and comment…it is much appreciated. Have a great Thursday.

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