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Having a rant, or rave.

I have murder on my mind… my printer has gone on the blink.

With a deadline fast approaching it’s good to be able to rely on computers, printers and modern technology to be there and to work beautifully. After all, isn’t that why we spend so much of our hard-earned cash on them? So,… my printer has…

A right load of old garbage.

Back in the day, here in the UK and I’m guessing quite probably in a quite a few other parts of the world, households had a simple metal dustbin. We even made up songs about it here in good old Blighty. “My old man’s a…

Walking upright is so underrated: confessions of a temporary Quasimodo.

Well hallelujah! I can walk upright again and without the aid of my trusty walking stick. Walking upright is so very underrated. Sunday saw me resembling some weird combination of Quasimodo crossed with a constipated duck. What does a constipated duck look like? Me – yesterday….

Do you remember Dixon of Dock Green in the sixties? A Saturday trip down memory lane.

There’s something special about Saturdays. I was born on a Saturday night, just as Jack Warner as Sergeant Dixon in Dixon of Dock Green said “Evening all!” I’m led to believe that this was about 9.20 pm. My paternal grandma watching it downstairs, turned up the sound…

What’s this obsession with everything being neat and tidy: a quick rant!

In the village where I live we have masses of leaves. My picture shows the Daisy dog having to brave these evil, little critters!  These leaves have to be controlled. They lie around in their masses, just waiting to gang up on some poor, innocent soul. I…

What it means to be a mum/grandma – on my daughter’s birthday..

Monday will be my daughter’s birthday. At 5.34 pm she will be 36 years old. (Gosh, I feel old. But, in a warm fuzzy kind of way.) This post is by way of saying Happy Birthday to her. Here’s what I remember. She made her screaming entrance…

What about our children and their children?: the Brexit – Trump Show aftermath.

Here in the UK democracy has taken a hit twice in the same year. Ironically, the votes for CHANGE have been made under the banner of democracy. It could be a joke – if it wasn’t so damn sad and tragic. Brexit was sold to UK…

Nuisance phone calls: the latest batch.

Those damn and blasted nuisance phone callers keep calling…but, now I have a plan. Trouble is, since I drew up my plan the nuisances have become ever so polite and all too human. They’re so sorry to bother me and is now a good time? Would…

Nuisance phone calls?…not a problem. Be a nuisance right back at them!

The phone always rings when you’re having lunch/dinner /tea taking a bath/shower on the toilet are in bed…asleep/ill/making whoopee are  frantically fighting with your keys to get into the house, whilst falling over the cat/dog/kids. The silent treatment You pick up the phone/press the answer button…and…

Do you make lists and do you stick to them? A blast from my past.

On my long trawl through my blog archives I’ve found this. It isn’t brilliant, but it beats some of the cringe-worthy stuff that resides in the colon of my blog. I am still guilty of making endless lists. I have now left the sexy…

Customer service…what’s that – and what has a naked guy got to do with it?

I was going to start this ranting post (yes again…sorry!) by saying that this rather lovely naked guy, having his undies nicked by this cute, little pooch had nothing whatsoever to do with the post that follows. But, that would be untrue, as although…

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