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All things to do with wildlife and nature.

Dense: WordPress Photo Challenge.

A public footpath winds its way over to the ash tree on the horizon and down the other side of the field. In the summer months the path is claimed by nature. Monster nettles, that leave you with more than a slight rash and hogweed…

WordPress Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green!

This week WordPress asked us to post on the subject of It IS Easy Being Green! For me… that IS easy as green is one of my favourite colours. I drive a green car, have a green front door to our cottage, have…

Make a wish: my take on the WordPress photo challenge.

    Choose a star, a cloud, a tree, a sunset, a bird, a butterfly… in fact just about anything that appeals to you and grabs you by the heart. Make a good, true wish and write it down on a piece of paper. Don’t…

WordPress Photo Challenge: The Road Taken.

So, when I’m out with the daisy dog I’m thinking and making my plans. It’s my time to get a hold of myself and methodically wade through life’s mess and confusion. Most mornings I climb the hill opposite our cottage. We’re not talking a mountain…

Against the Odds: WordPress Photo Challenge. Roe deer.

So – I’m out with the Daisy dog (a retired racing greyhound) in what I have christened the magical valley. Not a very original name and I really must come up with something more imaginative. I can guarantee that I will spot something rather…

WordPress Weekly Challenge: Shadows.

I’m late to the WordPress challenge party this week. Here’s my take on Shadows. My pictures depict shadows of a former season. Click  to check out the other entries to this challenge. Thanks for dropping by. Dorne x

Solitude: WordPress challenge.

  The folk at WordPress are asking us to give them our definition of solitude, for this week’s challenge Here’s my take on it.   I value time spent alone, with my own thoughts. I guess I’m lucky in that I can find…

Weekly Photo Challenge : Graceful.

To me this is graceful. The delicate seed head … you can almost feel the softness of it and the gritty seeds contained within. A breeze will separate the seeds and they will float off … to create another brilliant, yellow dandelion flower. No…

On the wild side: treecreepers.

On a recent  dog walk the Daisy dog and I wandered by our local river, the Derwent. The moist air made the strands of my hair peeping out from my hat damp and the sky was a wash of different shades of grey. The Daisy…

And they say that animals don’t have souls.

I’m having my morning coffee and spotted this. This is for animal lovers everywhere. You are going to need your tissues. Dorne x

What’s this obsession with everything being neat and tidy: a quick rant!

In the village where I live we have masses of leaves. My picture shows the Daisy dog having to brave these evil, little critters!  These leaves have to be controlled. They lie around in their masses, just waiting to gang up on some poor, innocent soul. I…

Does this qualify as a poem? Grabbing some peace.

  I’m not an overly religious person, but I do believe in a power of some sort. Otherwise how would we and this fantastic globe that we spin through space on, exist? As a child I schooled at Church of England schools and so…

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