I’m still here!


As some of you may be aware life has been a challenge this year. My posts on here have been sporadic…  to say the least. And yet -folk still drop by. They don’t always ‘Like’, but, hey they visit. Come to think of it they probably make a hasty retreat and vow to never call again. After all… there is a plethora of other rubbish to read out there. And then there is some really GOOD STUFF!

Anyhow… I just want to wish you all a very happy Christmas and say a huge thanks for following me, reading me and running away very quickly – when you realise what this blog has to offer.

I plan to reappear on here next year. Sooner, rather than later. You have been warned!

Wishing all of my victims a peaceful and contented Christmas. Yeah, right… like that is going to happen. Just survive, just survive! 

See you on the other side.

Dorne x

P. S. If there are any spelling mistakes in this post, it doesn’t read very well, or you’re bored silly by it – that’ll be the fault of my cataracts.


A teenage greyhound’s first blog post. Love from the Daisy Dog.

daisy-asleep-1I want to like, wash my bottom on the sofa in the lounge and then I may have another little snooze. Before you’re sick ,mummy has a big fluffy throw on there and a waterproof cover:  and so my bottom will not make the sofa smell. Which is a shame, because I love all things smelly and fluffy. Cool!

She can’t do anything about my farts smells though. They are like something else. They’re awesome! Sometimes I have to run away from them. I mean where do they come from? Well, alright I know where they come from… but, I mean what have I been eating? Like! They’re so GROSS!

I’ve been living in this place like since January and it’s like okay.

I will be five in May of next year. Yeah, because I was like four in May of this year… get it?

I like to be cuddled and I love to get myself comfy on the sofa and screw the covers up. Sometimes I drag the covers off the sofa and dump them at the bottom of the stairs like. That’s awesome.

If dad leaves his empty coffee cup on the coffee table I like to get in there and have a slurp of it. Yummy. Yeah, that’s awesome – me… a teenage greyhound on caffeine. You’ve got to see it to believe it. Heard from downstairs, me in the bedroom sounds like an earthquake… cool – like!

Why is the coffee table called a coffee table like? Like does it need to have coffee all over it? I can help with that!

This thing called Christmas is coming like and mummy has put things called decorations up in the house… the whole house. Daddy says it’s too cluttered and mummy tells him it’s Christmas and to shut up – like. Later on I find daddy looking at the decorations and smiling.  When mummy ( who is also known as she who is usually obeyed) asks daddy to put the lights up outside, at the front of the cottage ( because we have to emphasize we live in a cottage – like) he can’t get out there fast enough – like! This has nothing to do with mummy  – she is trying to get her chocolate  – filled bottom through the loft hatch, to find more Christmas decorations. Daddy may never get back in again. The decorations may fill the house – like.

Anyhow – like. I’ve discovered something called crackers. Mummy had carefully selected some to go with the rest of the rubbish she has on display   – like. I got hold of one the other afternoon and showed  it to daddy. He told she who is usually obeyed and she took the cracker away and then she moved the other crackers.

She’s forgetting that if I stand on my hind legs  – like, I’m nearly six-foot tall… hah, hah! I could get the crackers – like.

Right, I’m bored now – like. I need to sleep a bit more, but I might come back again sometime – like.

If you’ve read this… cool! If not… I’m not really that bothered – like.

Big sloppy kisses and a right awful pong  from The Daisy Dog x


Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Charity Christmas Tree Topper Challenge.

robinThis a very belated entry into my good friend Hugh Robert’s charity tree topper challenge. http://hughsviewsandnews.com/2015/12/13/hughs-photo-challenge-week-8-charity-christmas-tree-topper-challenge-help-me-raise-250-for-the-dogs-trust/

Better late than never, hey?

Hugh is raising money for The Dogs Trust Charity, by donating money for each entry posted in this challenge. A worthy cause and a smashing guy. Thanks again Hugh.

This  my robin who has been sitting at the top of our Christmas tree. In fact this little chap lives on this tree all year round. Because yours truly has this twig tree taking pride of place in our lounge 365 days per year.

At Easter, he shares his tree with various Easter bunnies, eggs and hens. The remainder of the year the tree is left au natural. Although, I may add other decorations throughout this year.

Next month(February) is the birthday month in the Whale household. Both hubby and I will be one year younger and the tree may get to celebrate along with us. Anything for a party!

We also hope to have cause for another celebration…more on that later. No, I’m not pregnant! Oh…hubby has just fainted. And nor is anyone else to my knowledge.

So, there is my entry and bit of other rubbish, for Hugh.

Please pop along to Hugh’s blog and check out the other entries and have a read of his posts. You’ll be on there for days…plenty to read.

Thanks for dropping by.

Dorne x


A different kind of Christmas.

Photo credit: Seasonchristmas.com

Photo credit: Seasonchristmas.com

With my Advent calendar at an end today, I wanted to do something special on here, before I pop off for Christmas.
So, I have asked Colleen Chesebro, who blogs at Silver Threading to do a guest post, which she has very kindly done.
Colleen began her blog around the same time as me and has come on in leaps and bounds. I always enjoy reading her posts, which cover a variety of topics. She also hosts a Writer’s Quote Wednesday feature, which you may have noticed I have recently started participating in. It’s good fun to join in, if you ever fancy a go.
So, I was thrilled to bits when Colleen said she would write a post for me about why she doesn’t celebrate Christmas. I’ll let her introduce herself and her post.
My friend Dorne, from Write Dorne asked me to do a guest post about why I do not celebrate Christmas.  Thank you for having me in for a visit Dorne.  I really would like to try your mince pies and sherry.  Now, that would be a celebration! The reason we do not celebrate Christmas is because both my husband and I are Buddhist.  Christmas is a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.  In the past, when all our children were home with us, we celebrated a combined Christmas with a tree and all trimmings for the children.  At the same time, I paid homage to Buddha and our ancestors by lighting incense and saying special prayers.         2014-12-21 10.25.03
This is our home altar for Buddha
I light three incense as a woman, (men can light one) one for Buddha, the next for the Dharma, and the last for the Sangha.  I have candles that I light also.  I try to meditate at least twice a week near my altar.  I feel refreshed after my contemplation. Inside the cabinet are pictures of our deceased parents and siblings, and deceased pets.  I have pictures of my husband and myself, our children and grandchildren in there too.  I say special prayers for all of our family and friends. I ask for protection from the evils of the world.

Grandkids 2013From Left to Right: Savanna, Alexandria, and Steven

Last year, was the first year that we saw our grandchildren at Christmas.  We are an Air Force family and our children and grandchildren are spread far and wide throughout the United States and overseas.  We have two other grandchildren that we have not seen for a few years, Maleah and Arianna.  The fact that we live far apart is normal to us.  Our children chose their paths in life much the same way we chose ours.  Military families are used to being apart.  You don’t always like it, but you do accept it.

This Christmas, my husband and I will celebrate with a wonderful meal.  We will not have any family with us this year, so we tend to keep things simple and more for us.  We have surf and turf (steaks, shrimp, and halibut) planned as the weather here in Florida promises to be beautiful.  I have made chocolate chip cookies which I will take to some of my neighbors, wishing them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

2014-11-28 07.29.13Our driftwood Christmas Tree – our new Florida Tradition

This time will be spent doing the things we enjoy, listening to music, sharing some drinks, playing Wii, barbecuing, and just being together.  The funny thing is, we do this all the time, not just because it is a holiday.  That is the essence of what Christmas really is about I think – living a good life by helping others, and by being good to each other, and enjoying each other’s company.  Not just because it is a holiday, but because it is the way you live.

How will you celebrate Christmas with your family?

Thanks again to Dorne for having me visit her wonderful blog.  I enjoyed meeting all of you.

BlessingsBlessings of Peace and Happiness to you all.

~Silver Threading~

I hope you enjoyed that inspiring piece of writing from Colleen: check out her blog sometime. I think it’s important to not lose track of the fact that not everyone will be celebrating Christmas. Each of us, in our own way will find some way to enjoy this season.

So, thanks Colleen.

I’m taking a few days break now; to chill out, catch up with my favourite bloggers and tidy my blog up. I’d heard on the grapevine that things quieten down a bit now, so it’s an ideal time to work on stuff behind the scenes. Like that ghost story that needs to be finished off. Will it be ready for New Year’s Eve? We’ll see.

Finally, to all of my readers and followers I say a BIG THANK YOU !  You have truly amazed me, with your support and comments and inspired me to improve my blog. It hasn’t happened yet, but we live in hope…LOL!  It’s great to be a part of this big blogging family, whether you blog, or not, thanks for reading me.


And a special thought for those who have recently being bereaved, who are living in war zones, or sleeping rough. For all of those who are suffering, may they find some peace as well.

I’ll be back later on in the week.

Until the next time.

Owner: Pacific Software

Owner: Pacific Software

Greyhound posting: she needs to get her act together.

PicsArt_10_12_2014 10_53_56Hello there – it’s me again. This is becoming a regular feature, isn’t it? Much better than the usual zombie rubbish.

Well, the zombie is around, somewhere. There’s a pile of Christmas cards thrown on the bed in the guest bedroom/office. They won’t get written and posted from there, will they? Mind you, they’ve been put there today…so maybe some miracle will happen tonight and they will get written. A bit like the miracle of baby Jesus.

I don’t want any baby Jesus here though. I have enough trouble with the Duracell bunny, when he comes around. Squawking and filling his nappy with things that should be done in the field.

The zombie can’t have a baby though, so we’re safe there…although she does look pregnant at night, sometimes. Don’t tell her I told you…she wouldn’t be best pleased.

I think it’s an age thing. The bright red face, the blobbyiness, the constant headaches. and the stupidity.  I mean if you could see her now. She’s wandering around with that daft expression on her face, trying to remember what to do and where she should be. If the truth be known, she probably doesn’t even know who she is, right now!

I’ll get her organised in a moment. She’s taking me out for another walk. If she’d written her cards, we could have posted them, as we walked around. But no, she’ll probably leave it until the last-minute.

Christmas Eve evening it was one year, when it decided it had better deliver its cards.. It was thick with snow and for some unknown reason, we took the car. I sat on the back seat and tried not to think about the zombie driving and the fact that we were actually going down the streets, kind of side ways. We had her sprog with her; this was pre Duracell bunny days. The sprog had the job of jumping out of the car and posting the cards in the various victim’s houses.

That won’t be happening this year…I refuse to be a part of it.

Anyhow, I hope that you’re keeping well and warm. We haven’t got any snow yet. The zombie is mad for some [ she’s bonkers anyway!], to build a snowman. Sorry…that’s being sexist…a snowperson.

When we do get snow, she gets kitted out like we’re going up Ben Nevis, with the boot grips on and everything. Thank goodness we’re not. I couldn’t do with the Scots. She has a bit of a thing about a Scot…poor old dear she is. She’s never recovered from Springwatch and Scotland this year. [More of that in another post!]

She has even bought me some proper greyhound,thermal, waterproof booties. Yes, I know! It is funny…very funny. She hasn’t got a chance of getting them on me. I won’t be seen dead in them; even if I do cry out, when I get compacted ice in my paws and they’re  red and sore. I’ve got my street cred to think of!

So, thanks very much for stopping by here and reading my words of greyhound wisdom. I’m off to get the zombie moving now. If you could call what she does  – movement?

The zombie will return soon darlings.

A greyhound sloppy kiss for all of you. X


My Advent…my letter to a BAD Santa!



Dear Santa,

I have a problem. A big problem and I wonder if you can help me.

I am trying to write a Christmas ghost story, to be posted on here. Only it is reading like something a ten-year old would/ could write.

This was my idea and if I don’t come up with something, I will look like an even bigger numpty than I usually do.

I don’t have a clue…please could you bring me a clue…before Christmas Eve.

I’ll leave you some sherry and mince pies. .

Love Dorne x


Photo credit: randombuzz.com

Photo credit: randombuzz.com

Dear Dorne


  • Hasn’t anyone ever told you that I don’t actually exist.
  • You can’t blackmail me with sherry and mince pies.
  • I don’t fly my imaginary sleigh under the influence, unlike you, who blogs…under the influence!
  • But yes,  I have been listening at your fake chimney stack.


  • Try reading any one of those million books, that you have on your Kindle.
  • You know, the ones that actually explain how to write fiction.
  • Decent stuff, instead of the mind numbing nonsense, that you churn out on here.

Last, but not least:

  • Give your readers a bit of fun this Christmas.
  • Publish your story.
  • Spread a bit of uncontrollable laughter this Christmas, as your followers read your pathetic attempts.
  • At the very least it will make them grateful for not being you!
  • Existing in your strange little world.
  • That is about to become even weirder!

Love Santa. x


I’ll be watching you tonight, as you sleep. That strange, blacker than black shadow that passes over the wall, in the middle of the night, as you awake from a terrifying  nightmare, will be me. Hah, hah, hah!


There will be a story on here, of some kind on Christmas Eve. I have no idea what…but it will come to me; or not!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your day.

Until the next weird time.